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Sydney Spring Zouk Festival 2018

CARLOS:  starting in Rio de Janerio 16 years ago, Carlos da Silva’s first dance experience was in Brazilian Funk, Samba de Gafiera, Bolero and the swinging Foxtrot. 

After learning and performing numerous additional dance styles he decided to focus on Salsa, Zouk and the passionate . Carlos recognised a chance to re-invent and introduce the Brazilian styles of dance in the Czech Republic. He seized the opportunity knowing he would succeed with his ambition to introduce Czech dance students to the Brazilian culture and dance styles. Together with Sofie da Silva, they opened the first Brazilian dance school in Prague.

They worked hard to promote Samba, Zouk and Tango to ensure their dream succeeded and grew the community in the Czech Republic.


​Highly regarded by his dance peers, Carlos is in demand as an accomplished and renowned dance teacher, performer and choreographer. With his dance partner he performs at over 40 dance events and congresses internationally each year in countries such as France, Canada, Netherlands, Australia, Russia, New Zealand, Germany, United Arab Emirates, Italy and Spain as well as in the Czech Republic.

FERNANDA: was born in Rio de Janeiro - Brazil where she started to learn Brazilian Samba and Forró.


Passionate about dance, Fernanda went into a dance academy to learn other styles such as Zouk, Samba de Gafieira, Bolero, Salsa and Swinging Foxtrot.


Later she received an offer to work in the Czech Republic in a Brazilian dance group (Brasil Show), which performed and participated in the television contest “Česko Slovensko má Talent”


Fernanda is in demand as an accomplished and renowned dance teacher, performer and choreographer. With her dance partner Carlos da Silva, she has performed at over 40 international dance events and congresses and performs and teaches each year in countries such as France, Spain, Russia, Egypt, Norway, Monaco, Germany, Brazil.


In 2011 Fernanda began to lecture at the academy Rio dance studio In Prague (Czech Republic), where she her partner teach Brazilian dances.


Fernanda & Carlos are now the organisers of one of the biggest events In Europa "Prague Zouk Congress" with 2018 marking the 9th year running. They assemble world recognised Zouk dance teachers, with 600 students registering to attend each year. This congress has become a tradition for people from around the world, where PZC bring together dancers from Australia, Brazil, Canada, Russia, Germany, Spain and more, who come to centre of Prague to be party of this mega event.

They also travelled the globe with an international success, hit show 'Brazouka' performing in over 10 countries world wide.

Owners of their own dance studio in Prague where they have more than 150 students and 3 teachers working for them as assistants. Rio Dance Studio is where Carlos & Fernanda teach, train for performances and shows, and where Latin dance parties are held. They also works with a promotional team of 18 dancers under the name “Brasil Show”, performing shows in the Czech Republic and surrounding countries.